The Body Ride

Behind the scenes diary

The Body Ride

Everything is about planning and pre-production, with out this you can’t work efficiently. Before the shoot we talk about the schedule ahead and how we will light the first scene.



We were shooting in quite a unique location, the lighting boards that illuminated the gym were ever changing and flashing with different colours to match the beat of the music, our RED Weapon held up as well as you would imagine in these extreme lighting conditions. We found 6K at around 60fps to work well with our shutter speed changed to match certain flicker coming from the LED lights around the room.



Our models were great to work with, very easy to film and after countless requests for “one more time” takes they always had a smile on their faces.

16_1111_0002816_1111_00029The most important thing for this shoot was our lighting, using a bunch of Arri L7-C’s to set the tone of the film and often match our background lighting colours. We also used a a smoke machine to help carry the light so it didn’t just fall off into the darkness.

16_1111_00044gymshot3One of the most important aspects of this film for our client was to show the circuit work, meaning it wasn’t just for individuals but for everyone to work as a group and move around in a circuit formation together. We showed this by having short wide establishing shot before cutting away into tight action, repeating this through out and always making sure to have enough layers incase we needed to add more wides or more close ups. Shooting everything in layers allows for more freedom when it comes to post production.

16_1111_00118gymshot2We had our Atomos / Odyssey monitors hooked up to a wireless Teradek system running a live feed out of the RED Weapon all day. Great piece of kit that worked flawlessly.


Lens wise nothing really special was needed so we stuck with our trusty in-house Canon CN-E lenses. Nice and sharp with great colours and full coverage of the new 8K Helium sensor which we will soon be upgrading to.

16_1111_00257Overall it was a great day shooting, no problem from equipment and our crew worked hard all day. Click here to view the film.