.our tech

At HCS we have the some of the industries highest quality technology, this includes our main camera systems. For our most demanding projects we have RED camera systems capable of high-speed 300 frames per second motion capture and up to 8K resolution images. You could be mistaken for thinking 8K is a little overkill but the image quality and low light sensitivity of these sensors is unmatched by anything else on the market. We also have a whole range of other camera systems from Canon, Sony and Lumix along with raw image capable drone systems for aerial.

Huxham Creative Studioでは常に世界最先端の技術を駆使しています。弊社で利用しているメインカメラシステム REDは300FPSのスローモーションや8Kの解像度での撮影など世界屈指の性能になっております。


.shotover G1

The Shotover G1 gimbal is what allows our chase cars to travel at speed through any type terrain while capturing butter smooth footage. One of the most advanced gimbal units available on the market coupled with our arm systems allow us to deliver amazing high quality footage as seen in Hollywood or similar productions. We are the first people in Japan utilizing this technology with 8K capable cameras at speeds never yet filmed at before. The Shotover G1 is also portable and airplane safe making it accessible to any production in any location and on an vehicle with suction cup rigging system.


.camera car

Our Audi RS6 is a 700HP chase car monster, coupled with our camera systems you will have dynamic images unlike any other. We have worked with camera car systems on many projects but none of these in Japan could keep up with our subjects, meaning more time spent in post trying to add speed to the edit. Why try to replicate raw speed in post when you can capture it in-camera. Our chase car offers the highest possible speed solution for filming high performance cars while also functioning as a portable and inexpensive system for commercial shooting of OEM cars or tracking human subjects.

Huxham Creative Studioの Audi RS6 は 700HP モンスターカメラカーです。弊社独自のカメラシステムを駆使しほかのどんなカメラカーよりも美しくダイナミックな映像を撮影します。過去の制作でたくさんのカメラカーを利用してきましたがどれも被写体のスピードに付いていけなく、編集でスピードアップすることが当たり前でした。


.camera car