HCS director Luke Huxham on set with Ben during the Asahi Super Dry TV commercial
The HCS Audi RS6 camera car filming the Mercedes Benz EQA concept.

Creators of amazing content

Headed up by Luke Huxham, better known for his globally famous automotive viral films, Huxham Creative Studio (HCS K.K.) is a Tokyo based entity streamlining the process of commercial film production. 

Our creative staff are known specialists not only in field of content creation but also SNS social media and viral activations both on a per project and long term basis with creative marketing strategies to better engage customers and brands. Creative minds mixed with our amazing start of the art camera gear including Japan’s fastest camera car equipped with a Shotover G1 gimbal that houses our RED camera system capable of capturing beautiful 8K resolution footage.

Being able to deliver exciting tangible creative ideas without limits is the core of our company. We’re the people you hire to get things done.


アイデアの様に我々には限界がありません、ツールと素晴らしい人材と制作意欲だけです。これらは最高の成果に全て欠かせないものです。Huxham Creative Studio (HCS K.K.)は東京に拠点を置く”格好いい”の製作者です。




HCS is full service production house capable of handling all projects from concept and pre-production stages all the way through to post-production delivery. Working with our local team or vast network of creatives around the globe to delivery the highest quality content. There is no limit to our abilities across all fields of content creation.

Luke Huxham
Director . Creative Strategist

Taka Oshiro
Phone : 080 3383 0046

Film Services
  • Pre-Production, Production & Logistics
  • In-House directors
  • Full crew assembly local or global
  • Location access
  • Editing, Colour grading, GFX
  • Viral film concepts and execution
  • Art Direction
  • RED camera packages
  • High speed camera car
  • Shotover G1 gimbal
  • Photography
  • Brand Strategy & Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Print Publication & Editorial Design

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